News – Picnic with Alpacas

News Banner - Picnic with Alpacas


In addition to our “Alpaca Farm Tour” we offer this new tour, well suited for school-classes and Kindergarden too.

NEW: After ½ – 1 hour walk/drive, passing the different camps with lots of information about alpacas, you can enjoy your picnic and the beautiful views on the panoramic-terrace in front of the Alpaca-shop. Shady gazebos and tables will be prepared for you and on request you can have your picnic with the company of a tame alpaca-group.

News – Start on Construction of Guest Cottage

News Banner - Start on Construction of Guest Cottage


The complete renovation of the guest cottage has begun: new roof, new tiles, new electric cabling, new windows and doors. The separate garden-terrace is being redesigned (small pond and fireplace remain the same). Overall, it is to provide our guests with an African atmosphere, but also all amenities, such as new bathroom, new self-catering kitchen and new furniture.

News – Planting Lucerne

News Banner - Lucerne Plow Field


By a happy coincidence our neighbour bought a Ford 3000 tractor which he would lend to us in order to plough our lucerne field. The prices of lucerne and oathay have increased so enormously that we are planning to completely Do-It-Yourself and also plan on growing some oats …

News – Alpaca-Shop Construction Almost Completed

News Banner - Alpaca-Shop Construction Almost Completed


The Alpaca-Shop construction is almost completed! A spacious visitors’ toilet was installed, new and bright, easy-care ceramic tiles as flooring and a renovated English window and new doors. Overall, there is now a large space to showcase our alpaca products for, which can also be used for alpaca seminars and lectures.

News – Alpaca-Boutique Opening Soon

News Banner - Alpaca-Boutique Opening Soon


Still within this month, we plan on opening our “Alpaca Boutique at Stillwater”. In addition to exquisite alpaca fashion, alpaca felt jewellery and alpaca wool; we offer the possibility for a cup of tea or to enjoy German coffee, as well as to order our popular German cherry cake. On the front situated panoramic terrace you can observe our herd of over 60 alpacas and the view of the idyllic Dassenberg Koppies.

News – Afro-Alpaca-Bijoux

News Banner - Bijoux

Our latest Alpaca product:
Handmade fashion jewelry made ​​of the finest alpaca felt in combination with real pearls, semiprecious gems, coral and African seeds.

Please browse through our products menu for examples and offers.

News – Shiraz & Arts Riebeek Valley

News Banner - Shiraz and Arts

27 – 29 September 2013

Welcome to Shiraz country! A sensory weekend celebrating wine and the arts.
Exhibitions and live performances at venues throughout the valley and a variety of Shiraz inspired menus in all eateries.

Akelei-alpakas sa cc will be joining with a stall for alpaca-products on Saturday 28.and Sunday 29.Sept. in 28 BLOEMESTRAAT.
Besides alpaca-fashion & alpaca-wool, we will present for the first time our new collection of AFRO-ALPACA-BIJOUX, handmade jewellery made with pearls, gems and alpaca-felt.

Looking forward to meet you there at a sunny weekend !