Adopt an Alpaca


Craving the country life while living in the city?
Here’s your chance to enjoy the best of both worlds by Adopting an Alpaca!
All proceeds are put toward the animals’ care!

Please note that purchasing an adoption package does not imply ownership of the chosen alpaca. Adoption purchases are non-refundable. Minimum adoption period of 6 months.

Contribute towards the wellbeing of those cute furries by joining our Save-The-Farmer adoption program and receive freebies and special treats.

With exorbitant feed prices for alpacas and heavy drought in the region, every cent will be put to good use so that they can continue living a good life.

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What you get from us:

» Adoption certificate
» Alpaca biography and photo
» Free visits (+ events)
» Birthday card from your alpaca
» Alpaca fact sheet
» Free Bijoux keyring

»Adoption certificate
»Alpaca biography and photo
»Free visits (& events)
»Birthday card from your alpaca
»Alpaca fact sheet
»Free Bijoux keyring
»Fleece sample
»Free entry for up to 4 friends

»Adoption certificate
»Alpaca biography and photo
»Free visits (& events)
»Birthday card from your alpaca
»Alpaca fact sheet
»Free Bijoux keyring
»Fleece sample
»Free entry for up to 4 friends
»15% off all shop items
»Free photo session
(by CT-Photography)

Choose your Alpaca (Click)

Penelope is everyone's cutie, lovely character, very tame and loves cuddles.

Valentino is partly shy, loves to graze on the fields and has a fiery temperament.

Joanna is a redhair girl cutie and is loved by all. A bit slow but craves attention.

Silva was once a cute black baby Huacaya and is now grown into a charming dam.

Hanako, given a Japanese girls name, was born on a foggy autumn morning by an unknown father.

Victor, brother of Penelope is like her: everyone’s darling and enjoys giving out kisses to visitors.

Sylvester is quiet and always keeping to himself, hiding in the forest and exploring the wilderness.

Lautaro is the grandpa of alpacas, having lived this long, he is of pleasant character and very tame.

Titus, alias “moonface”, referring to his unusual white neck stripe. He’s the peace maker of the herd.

Fortuna is the fluffy oddball of the group and always does the opposite action of what her peers do.

Roxanne being a mommy girl and was drinking milk up till late, is always onto others case.

Ulysses is of high intelligence and extremely alert, being second in command due his mahogany rarity.

Nike has her name with reason being Goddess of victory, her father was an international champion.

Carrera being a high-quality stud with a super fluffy facial beard - you just would love to squeeze it.

Terms and Conditions

»All adoptions are non-refundable. In the event that an adopted alpaca should become unavailable, the adopter of this alpaca will be notified, and alternate alpacas offered for the remainder of the adoption period.

»All visitors must sign a waiver before entering any area inhabited by our animals.

»Adopted alpacas may not leave the farm with adopters. Certain alpacas are available for walks around designated areas of the farm, and may not be removed from the property.

»Visitors must be accompanied by a member of farm staff when visiting their adopted alpaca.

»Visitors must abide by our biosecurity protocols. Adopters who refuse to comply with these protocols will not be allowed into areas inhabited by our animals.

»As this is a working farm, all visits must take place either during store hours or at an appointed date and time. Please ensure all children are under supervision at all times, this is for their safety as well as that of our animals.

»Age restriction. Adopted alpacas may only be in contact by adopters age 12 and over.

»Akelei-Alpakas SA reserves the right to end an alpaca walk or visit if we deem conditions unsafe (ex. alpaca stressed, weather change, adopter unable to follow instruction)

Biosecurity Protocol

Due to the fact that there are communicable diseases between animal species, for the safety of our animals, we operate as follows:

»No boots or shoes worn at other farms or zoos within 48hrs.

»Plastic bags can be put over shoes on request if adopter has been in contact with other zoo animals the past 48 hours.

»We ask that you wash your hands before handling the alpacas and preferably afterwards.

»We request that you not wear the same clothes that have been worn while working with cattle, as there are serious diseases/parasites that may be transmitted by them.

We are a closed farm in that no new animals have come on the farm in the past 2 Years. That being said, any animals that go out or come in for breeding are placed in quarantine for 2 weeks — Same goes for animals that go to shows where other animals might be in attendance.

*Please note that any guests who refuse to abide by our biosecurity protocols will not be permitted into areas of the farm where our animals live.