Afro Alpaca Bijoux

AFRO ALPACA BIJOUX is a side-project of Akelei Alpakas, where we combine the soft fleece of our own alpacas with African pods, genuine gemstones and freshwater-pearls for a wide range of high-quality jewellery. With this cottage industry production, we are able to offer more job opportunities and income to local people. All products can be custom-made in other colours and designs on order. Currently we offer following collections:

Alpaca Ethno Collection

Afro Alpaca Bijoux Ethno

Alpaca Gem Collection

Afro Alpaca Bijoux Gem

Alpaca Pearl Collection

Afro Alpaca Bijoux Pearl

Alpaca Color Collection

Afro Alpaca Bijoux Color

Handwoven Alpaca Shawls & Stoles

All hand-woven scarves and stoles are made of 100% pure alpaca wool from our own animals. Each scarf and stole are unique and was made with love and knowledge by our ladies on the loom.

Alpaca Shawl 4
Alpaca Shawl 3
Alpaca Shawl 2
Alpaca Shawl 1

We are happy to work on order and fulfil your wishes regarding colour, style and size. Evening scarves can be combined with glitter yarns, borders, feathers etc. There is also a choice between short and long fringes.

Alpaca Wool

Alpaca Wool Cone

The wool we sell comes exclusively from our own Suri and Huacaya alpacas. Being outdoor all year round on our pastures, they develop their wonderfully soft fleece, which is always shorn in spring.  We are very proud to offer the full range of natural colours: from white, cream, light and dark brown, to rare black, as well as grey in different shades with our NATURFARBE collection. After the wool is only washed and not dyed, it is completely natural and can be claimed as organic.

Alpaca Wool Naturfarbe
Alpaca Wool Art Yarns

It has been scientifically proven that organic alpaca wool has anti-allergic and anti-rheumatic properties due to the absence of lanolin (sheep wool fat) and thus can be offered as a HEALTH WOOL. Due to the different hair structure, it is 8 times warmer than sheep's wool. Additionally, we offer our ALPACA-ART-YARN collection with a variety of dyed colours.

Alpaca Fashion

Exclusive alpaca fashion has its price. However, due to our affiliation to the Swiss producer of APU-KUNTUR and KUNA, the most well-known manufacturer in Central Europe, we have the opportunity to buy beautiful alpaca products at a lower price and to pass on these prices to our customers.

Alpaca Fashion Jacket
Alpaca Fashion Baby

We also offer our own alpaca sweaters, jackets and capes produced here in South Africa. For custom-made products, please contact us directly.

Health Blankets

Since it has been scientifically proven that alpaca wool not only has anti-allergenic properties due to the lack of lanolin (sheep's wool fat), but also has a positive soothing effect on conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism, the fleece is optimally suited for filling of pillows and health blankets.

Alpaca Health Blankets

Our alpaca health blankets are 90 x 117 cm and are ideal especially for the elderly as knee pads. The covers are made of 100% cotton with satin ribbon edging and come in a variety of designs.

Alpaca Calendars

Our very popular alpaca calendar has been published for over a decade by now. In order to include other alpaca breeders in South Africa, we organized every year a photo contest where the most beautiful alpaca pictures are awarded and then edited for the calendar. In 2018, Christopher took over with the photography and visited a few alpaca farms in the region to get exquisite quality photos for the new alpaca calendar project “Alpacas of South Africa”.  An ideal gift for family, friends and business partners!

Alpaca Calendar 2019
Alpaca Calendar Competition
Alpaca Calendar 2007
Alpaca Calendar 2008
Alpaca Calendar 2009
Alpaca Calendar 2010
Alpaca Calendar 2011
Alpaca Calendar 2012
Alpaca Calendar 2014
Alpaca Calendar 2016
Alpaca Calendar 2017
Alpaca Calendar 2018

Organic Alpaca Fertilizer

AlpacaComp Alpaca Fertilizer

ALPACOMP: Alpaca fertilizer is 100% organic and in South America, the home of alpacas, the best-selling universal fertilizer ever. It is air dried for a few weeks, and is not only nutritious for all plants, but especially mild and undiluted usable. We sell bags of 50 litres. ALPACOMP is perfect for flower beds, turf, veggie beds, fruit trees, vineyards and all sorts of plant pots.